Primer for the professional preparation of natural eyelashes for extension procedure. Deeply cleanses each hair and gently reveals its scales. Significantly improves bonding of natural and artificial eyelashes. Extends the period of wearing the extension by +7 days. Used economically. Tube of 15 ml is enough for as many as 250-300 procedures! We recommend using Sofia primer after the Lash&Go Elsa degreaser. These two products were truly created for each other.


Lash&Go Sofia Primer (15 ml)

  • Ingredients: distilled water, alcohol, titanate L12, alkoxysilane, sodium gluconate, fragrance

    Instructions: Apply a small amount on the microbrush and proceed over the entire area of the eyelashes. Merida Primer is ideal for use after any Lash&Go Degreaser. If you want to prolong the pleasant sensations of the natural and unobtrusive fresh fruit scent.