Lash&Go Eyelash Full Set collection of formulations for eyelash lamination: Formulation No. 1 Lash&Go Retexturizing Cream - 5 sachets; Formulation No. 2 Lash&Go Neutralizing Cream - 5 sachets; Formulation No. 3 Lash&Go Carbonizing Serum - 1 bottle


Lash lift Kit Lash_Go Full set


    • Clean lashes with Lash Degreaser

    • Fix lashes on the silicon roll

    • Apply Solution 1.

    Exposure time:

    -thin lashes: 8-10 minutes

    -medium thickness lashes: 10-11 minutes

    -thick lashes: 12-14 minutes

    • Remove solution 1 with dry applicators

    • Apply Solution 2

    Exposure time:

    -thin lashes: 4-5 minutes

    -medium lashes: 5-6 minutes

    -thick lashes: 6-7 minutes

    • Remove Solution 2 with dry applicators

    • Tint lashes if needed

    • Remove tint with dry applicators

    • Apply Solution 3.

    Remove with Solution 3 all glue residues from lashes, lashline and skin




    Solution 1

    The best option to start a career as a lamimaker. Lash&Go is ideal if you’re going to try lamination of eyelashes or already do it, but want to switch to more affordable materials. Formulation No. 1 - Retexturizing Cream: Reveals the structure of eyelashes for further curling. Designed for improved formulation. Light blue tint. Convenient to work. Product is visible on the eyelashes! Ethanolamine thioglycolate instead of thioglycolic acid gives a prolonged effect. Convenient sachet format, so loved by lashes lamination specialists. No problems with Lash&Go formulations. Convenient to work with. Edge of the lash is visible. Consumption is as economical as possible. Suitable for experienced specialists, and for those just learning. Best price tag on the market. Quality is equal to that of expensive counterparts. Use together with Formulations No. 2 and No. 3 and Lash&Go glue for laminating eyelashes. Each procedure yields a reliable and predictable outcome—delightful curl, volume and brightness of eyelashes. Exposure time—8 to 14 minutes.


    Solution 2

    Formulation No. 2 Neutralizing Cream: Fixes eyelashes for a long time in a new, elastic and elegant curl. Protects eyelash from brittleness. Delicate pink tint. Noticeable on the eyelashes. Spreading formulation on eyelashes has never been so easy. Available in convenient sachet format that is most loved by lashes lamination specialists. Economical consumption. Easy on the eyes, it’s such a charming pink! Visible during application. You work precisely, cleanly and use exactly as much as you need. Components include mineral oil, which carefully envelops the eyelash, ensuring its strength and flexibility. A thin protective film of stearyl alcohol reliably protects each hair against exposure to negative environmental factors. Another nice bonus is the price of Lash&Go products. You will not find other similarly affordable lamination formulations with the same high quality. Lash&Go is on par with market leaders in terms of formulations. Guarantees a predictable result—the customer’s delight in a bright and elastic curl for up to 2 months. Exposure time:4 to 7 minutes. Use with other Lash&Go products to ensure that each procedure is guaranteed to be a success.


    Solution 3

    №3 Carbonizing Serum Formulation: Fixes the result of the procedure. Created based on an innovative skin care formula. Has an unusual black color. Activated charcoal is among the active components. Activated charcoal in the composition promotes accelerated recovery after chemical exposure, which means any procedure for curling eyelashes. Thanks to the activated charcoal, nutrients and other care components also penetrate better into the structure of the eyelashes. The composition is presented in an unusual format—a convenient bottle with a dispenser. Product consumption is even more economical and adds comfort to your work. The price of Lash&Go laminating formulations is the most pleasing and affordable on the market. Quality is on par with segment leaders. Try Lash&Go, and you will appreciate its convenience, affordability and impressive results. Its design stylish evokes the inspiration of eternal spring. Formulation No. 3 shows best results in conjunction with other Lash&Go products. Use the entire range of formulations in your procedures for a 100% predictable and successful result. Exposure time–5 minutes.